Ideas for Revolutionising the already Revolutionary Crowdsourcing Model of “Work”

1) Insurance for Creative Crowdsourcing Contestants & Other Freelancers who do not have a day-job or regular source of income but whose ideas are Good.

So let me write this in short, coz uncharacteristically i have no time at the moment, but this idea is good – Insurance for Crowdsourcing Contestants. Basically a company will select worthy and talented Crowdsourcing Contestants and measure their past records of earnings in order to provide them with X amount of monthly salary. Suppose, a guy on earned $500 in Jan, then nothing till April when he hit the Motherlode of $30k for the Video he made, then $250 the following month for just an Idea and again a big prize of $5000 in December plus another $250,  in total he earned $36k for 12 months. So the company selects him and tells him we will pay you $3000 each month, you will add our PayPal account on and other sites you participate on instead of your PayPal/BitCoin address. Your winnings will come to us and be kept safe. If at the end of the year you earn more than $36, then you will get the difference as a nice New Year Bonus. If you fall short of the $36k we paid you, we will relook at your account and see if you are doing your level best, in order to decide whether to extend you the insurance next year. If we decide to extend it next year the monthly sum of $3k will be modified according to the trend we last noticed, it’ll either be increased or decreased based on your effort. So in effect, your talent, your drive & determination, your effort, your ideas, your ‘work’ directly controls your monthly salary, win more and you get more, win less and you get less. It’s all upto you. Your fate in your hands. We simply take our minimum operational costs, which are deliberately designed to be as less as humanly possible, and provide you with a constant stream of monthly income because we know how it is for freelancers and crowdsourcing contestants, money comes in spurts and it can be bad if there is no income in lean periods and it is also equally bad if you get a lot suddenly. We simply balance your income so you can concentrate on what you do best – create ideas to change the world. You’re welcome. ~ DoGood Insurance LLC